We specialize in the automotive sector for over 25 years.



Design JoAnne Boileau does high-end residential and commercial projects, specializing in the development of existing and brand new automobile dealerships.

Over the years, JoAnne Boileau has contributed to the creation of trademark images of different automobile dealerships across Canada. She has also worked on the interior design of many dealerships, notably in large renovation and expansion projects, and new constructions. Her reputation with this demanding clientele is outstanding. Her creativity, rigour, transparency and knowledge in the field of interior design make JoAnne Boileau a premier partner of choice.

Her main services are:


Space conceptualisation

Listening is one of JoAnne Boileau’s greatest strengths. That is how she comes to understand the precise needs and expectations of her clients – essential to the success of any project. A talented designer, she conceptualizes your space in the direction of your vision, and since every client is unique, so is every one of her creations. Every project has its own colour, layout and personality – and she masterfully rises to that very challenge time and time again.


Technical plans and 3D visualisation

JoAnne Boileau uses cutting-edge computer software to create the virtual achievement of her proposed concept as well as the technical plans required to bring the project to fruition.


Custom furniture

JoAnne Boileau not only designs spaces – she also creates the components that make up an environment by designing custom furniture that fits perfectly with the needs of her clients. Drawing on her vast expertise, she draws the plans required to make different types of furniture in order to personalize a new space – an art that JoAnne Boileau has honed and developed over time.


Project management

JoAnne Boileau offers her clients worry-free service. The variety of major projects she has undertaken in the past 25 years has contributed to her outstanding reputation as a highly experienced project manager. She knows what risks to expect and coordinates each step in great detail. She offers « à la carte » service, from coordinating and managing all service providers to supporting a move or reorganization. JoAnne Boileau offers complete service for the well-being of her clients!